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Different Perspectives is a podcast that celebrates the unique starting points, challenges and privileges we have, that give each of us a different perspective on life, work, self-employment and business.

The bitesized episodes cover a variety of topics, and will hopefully:

  • inspire you to live and work in a way that makes YOU happiest,

  • encourage you to be stubborn in your pursuit of the things that are most important to you,

  • and share an insight into life as a business owner - the good and the bad - from someone who learned a lot from business number one and massively changed her approach for business number two!

I’m Jo Becker - a coach, second time business owner with a background in marketing, and a survivor of some tough times. I live with Muscular Dystrophy, an untreatable condition which is progressively reducing my mobility. I’ve learned that if I really want something, I’d better prioritise trying to get it, because every day really does count.

This led me to travel to India and beyond with a walking stick despite the many sensible reasons not to, and to leave a business I’d nurtured for three years but no longer made me happy, essentially starting over to make sure I feel fulfilled by my work for long-haul - that’s my version of success.

I’m stubbornly doing things my own way, and I hope I can share a different perspective with you.

Available Thursdays, via your usual podcast app, or listen here.

Jo Becker | coach and podcaster

Find out much more about me, my story, and my work here.